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When I recently read a blog post about KDE applications which have their own forum at, I wondered if Dolphin should get a forum as well. I had a quick look at the KDE forums and found out that there were quite a few Dolphin-related discussions in the ‘Other KDE software’ category already. This clearly shows that there is demand for a place where user discussions about Dolphin can take place. So here it is:

The new Dolphin forum

I would like to thank the forum admins for taking care of all the necessary steps 🙂

Some topics have been moved from ‘Other KDE software’ to the new forum, which is why it doesn’t look really new at first sight.

Please note that the forum should not be used for reporting bugs – these should still be reported at I’ve noticed that users do discuss bugs in forums sometimes, e.g., if someone is not sure about some unexpected behavior of an application and decides to ask other users to confirm the problem. I think there’s nothing wrong with that, but please make sure that a report is filed at if there is agreement that it is a bug and include step-by-step instructions that can be used to reproduce the problem. Thanks!


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  1. Christoph

    Merci! Those “pre-reporting” bug discussions in the forums should be mandatory for many other applications, including the Plasma Workspaces, to get on-the-spot bug reports.

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