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Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.9.1

You’ve probably heard that KDE 4.9.1 is out. I did not get much coding done myself last month, both because real life keeps me busy and because reviewing patches, reading incoming new bug reports and bug report comments and replying to at least some of them took a lot of time.

But the patches that were submitted by others during the last month made patch review a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Here are the Dolphin bug fixes that are in KDE 4.9.1:

  • Bug 304467: Stop creating thumbnails when closing Dolphin. See git commit 4d39dbc.
  • Bug 302624: Fix the size of the rating starts in Icons mode. See git commit 146c77e, review request 105830.
  • Bug 252539: Make sure that a Phonon preview widget is shown in the Information Panel for all audio and video files. See git commit d1808d5.
  • Bug 292700: Show the icon size in a tool tip when changing the size using the sliders in the “Configure Dolphin…” dialog. See git commit 5e87cef, review request 105990.
  • Bug 303133: Use the correct text color in the Places Panel for all color schemes. See git commits 5ba759b and 23194dd, review request 105832.
  • Bug 305228: Make sure that entries in the “Sort by…” and “Additional Information…” menus are translated. See git commits 199fabb and 168d051, review request 106049.
  • Bug 304541: When opening a directory that is shown in the Places Panel, select it in the panel. See git commit 78dd4c9, review request 106074.
  • Bug 304524: Fix crash when minimizing the Dolphin window while renaming a file. See git commit a9c2bdc.
  • Bug 305538: Make sure that the Dolphin window is split when opening Dolphin with the –split option. See git commit d430a1c, review request 106171.
  • Bug 304860: When dragging items from an archive opened in Ark and dropping them in Dolphin, make sure that the correct archive is used. See git commit 88e2492, review request 106131.
  • Bug 305922: When selecting files using the –select option on the command line, scroll the view such that the first selected item is visible. See git commit 282ecb3, review request 106209.

Moreover, Dolphin users will benefit from two bug fixes in kdelibs:

  • Bug 206500: Do not show “Could not change permissions” dialogs when copying or moving files to NTFS partitions. See git commit 51c00963.
  • Bug 303169: Fix a crash that can happen with some styles when closing Dolphin. See git commit e9b1714f, review request 105920.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in these bug fixes, either by submitting patches or by providing advice on the best way to fix something:

Albert Astals Cid, David Faure, Christoph Feck, Aurélien Gâteau, Benni Hill, Raphael Kubo da Costa, Emmanuel Pescosta (who fixed four Dolphin bugs for KDE 4.9.1!), Martin Sandsmark, Harald Sitter, Xuetian Weng, and Jekyll Wu.

If I forgot someone in this list, please let me know!