Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.9.2

Here is a summary of the issues that have been fixed in KDE 4.9.2, which has been released today:

  • Bug 304752: Do not show a ‘-‘ if some additional information about an item is unavailable. See git commit f64a82bd, review request 106304.
  • Bug 176277: When dropping an item on an unmounted device in the Places Panel, mount it automatically. See git commit 3f6cb83a, review request 106072.
  • Bug 304627: Make it possible to rename items using a dialog. In KDE 4.9.0 and 4.9.1, “Inline Renaming” was the only way to rename files. The dialog can be re-enabled by adding “RenameInline=false” to the [General] section of $KDEHOME/share/config/dolphinrc. An option in the settings dialog will be added later (not possible during the KDE 4.9.x cycle because of the string freeze). See git commit 7ca682fe.
  • Bug 304323: Use a better icon, which is available on all distributions, for the recently accessed items in the Places Panel. See git commit d86ec02b.
  • Bug 306167: Do not crash when closing a LUKS-encrypted loopback file. See git commit a502d397.
  • Bug 306147: Do not crash when refreshing the view while renaming inline. See git commit ea3ed1d9.
  • Bug 306349, Bug 304838: Prevent that the URL changes unexpectedly in some situations when the Terminal Panel is open. See git commit 9111135f.
  • Bug 293200: Do not change the URL if a folder without subfolders is hovered in the Folders Panel. See git commit f52fc142, review request 106452.
  • Bug 297355: Always hide tool tips when the Dolphin window loses focus. See git commit ecaa575f, review request 106499.
  • Bug 295573: When double-clicking a folder in the Folders Panel, do not just open it in the view, but also expand it. See git commit 3cb15ca7, review request 106497.
  • Bug 304878: Prevent that “ghost folders” are shown in the Places Panel after unmounting devices. See git commit 068b6297, review request 106456.
  • Bug 305783: Prevent unexpected expansion of folders in the Folders Panel when the mouse is not hovering the panel any more. See git commit 8c4fa6e0, review request 106381.
  • Bug 301959: Make it possible to change the icon size in the Places Panel (in KDE 4.9.0 and 4.9.1, the “small” icon size was used). To change the icon size to, e.g., 60
    pixels, add the following lines to $KDEHOME/share/config/dolphinrc :

    It is planned to make the icon size configurable via the context menu in the future, but this is not possible during the 4.9.x cycle because of the string freeze. Some people will probably ask if we could bring the automatic resizing from KDE <= 4.8 back. I know that many users liked this feature, but others perceived it as a bug. I believe that an option to set the icon size using the context menu will suit everyone. See git commit ca5fcd54.

  • Bug 306029: Only look for files, rather than all items stored by Nepomuk, when clicking a “Recently Accessed” entry in the Places Panel. See git commit 41007b88, review request 106274.
  • This one had not been reported at, but was found just by looking closely at the code: when changing the enabled preview plugins in the settings dialog after the preview generator has been initialised, really use the new settings. See git commit 0400154c.
  • Bug 307215: Use the “small” icon size chosen by the user, rather than a fixed size of 16×16 pixels, for the “Places” icon in the location bar. See git commit 6dc07bb7.
  • Bug 304427: Fix the rendering of “half star” ratings. See git commit a24fdb5e.

Moreover, some commits by Dawit Alemayehu make Dolphin’s code behave better when it is used for file management inside Konqueror: switching tabs with Control+Tab should work again, and some regressions in the filter plugin were fixed.


These bug fixes were made possible by commits and good advice by Christoph Feck, David Faure, Dawit Alemayehu, Elias Probst, Emmanuel Pescosta, Todd Jennings, and Vishesh Handa.

Not only the developers who fix bugs are important – we are also much obliged to the users who report them. In particular, I would like to mention a few users here who not only reported bugs, but did some tests that we asked for and provided valuable feedback that helped to identify and fix some problems: Hrvoje Senjan, Jens Rutschmann, and Petrus de Calguarium.

What’s next?

I’m planning to start the bug triage event that I had in mind for some time soon. Some preliminary information is available in the archives of the Bugsquad mailing list. I will post more information here soon.

19 thoughts on “Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.9.2

  1. kdepepo

    Amazing how much work you get into Dolphin despite your limited time. Wouldn’t mind if you slow down a bit. Being a good and responsible maintainer is one side. Burning out too fast is the other side.

    Take care 😉

  2. Jerf Jer

    Thanks for all the effort! I really like how Dolphin is moving on, and it’s already much better than other file managers, in my opinion.

    Could you still consider adding automatic icon resizing in Places panel as an option? Pretty please (with sugar on top)? I really really really miss this feature. And if it’s just an option, disabled by default, I don’t see how it could hurt anybody (except for adding additional code to maintain; maybe it can be arranged as a junior job? I’d even sign up for that).

  3. Jerf Jer

    By the way, there is one other feature that I miss: centering the view on the actual file and not just the top files in the folder when clicking “Open location” in Chromium for a downloaded file. Is it possible to implement this, or this will require some changes on the Chromium side?

    Thanks again!

    1. šumski

      This would require effort from Chromium side. FYI this is implementend on openSUSE with kmozillahelper 0.6.4 & firefox >= 16

  4. misbcl

    Thank you very much, great list of improvement.

    Still, I consider automatic icon resizing on panel as a feature. If it possible, bring that back (with an option to disable it for those who think it as a bug) would be another great thing.

  5. freininghaus Post author

    Thanks to everyone for the nice words.

    About resizing icons in the Places Panel: Note that you can change the icon size manually, and you will be able to do it using the context menu in KDE 4.10, just like you can resize tool bar icons. I don’t know any file manager which offers you more flexibility.

    Making a controversial feature optional often looks like a solution that would make everyone happy. But note that we get requests for new options on average every one or two weeks. It should be obvious that we must check if there is a *very* good reason to have an option before we add it, or Dolphin would quickly turn into a monster with so many options that it would be unusable. Considering that the icon size can be changed and that automatic resizing has some pretty big problems (just a small example: try adding a “Place” with a name that is longer than all existing names, and see how the icons get smaller).

    Another reason against adding such an option is that we are all volunteers with rather little time to work on Dolphin, and we have to ask ourselves if we really have enough time to write the code needed to do this (and this is by no means a “junior job” – the “new” and “old” Places Panels are based on entirely different model/view implementations, so we would have to rewrite the automatic resizing code from scratch), but – even more important – if we can maintain the code in the future. This issue is often overlooked by people who don’t have much experience in software engineering, but every change that makes the code more complex and adds new code paths will make maintenance more difficult in the future. Either some other change, which looks unrelated at first sight, will break it, or some combination of different settings will lead to unexpected results, or something else will fail. I’ve seen this way too often already.

    We have many bugs at which are due to Dolphin features that are not present in other file managers. Even though these bugs annoy users and cost us much time, I still think that it’s worth having those features. But whenever you think about making something in the application more complex you *always* have to ask yourself if the feature is important enough to justify that you will spend time on it in the future when something breaks.

    The situation that someone implements a feature, everyone is happy, and the maintainer never has to think about it again unfortunately does not exist. And this is why we are not bringing automatic resizing back.

    I would like to end the discussion about icon resizing here. I’m not going to reply to any further comments on this subject.

    1. Jerf Jer

      Thanks for replying. I see your point.

      Could you please comment on a question about Chromium “open location” feature in association with Dolphin?

      1. freininghaus Post author

        Well, somebody else already commented on the question, but if it makes you happy, here we go: to scroll the view to a particular file on startup, run Dolphin like this:

        dolphin /path/to/the/folder –select filename

    2. Jerf Jer

      One small remark I forgot to add is that I completely understand dropping this autoresizing feauture if it’s hard to reimplement and maintain and completely support your decision (I didn’t know that it was indeed a hard job before your explanation). I just don’t really agree with the reasoning that adding adittional options may be bad. After all, for people who have difficulties managing too many options there is Gnome, and I thought that the point of KDE was, on the contrary, to allow the user to have as much freedom in configuring his desktop as possible.
      But, as I said, I still completely agree with your decision since the feauture is hard to implement and maintain.

      Thanks again for taking time to write a detailed explanation and for all your work on Dolphin!

    3. misbcl

      Thank you for your explanation. Even without that feature, Dolphin are already a great software. My apologies for my lack of gratitude.

  6. Shimapan

    First off, you’re doing a great job on Dolphin! 😀
    It’s a great deal better than Nautilus on Gnome, and a *huge* deal better than that “Explorer” garbarge on Windows.

    I can understand that you can’t have new strings in 4.9.x due to the string freeze.
    However, you *don’t* need new strings, if you do it like this:

    In the Dolphin Configuration dialog, “Views” section, “Icons” tab, you already have two icon size sliders for “Default” and “Preview”. Simply add a third icon size slider here for “Places”. That’s very simple and straightforward, and you don’t need a new string, as you already have the string for “Places” from the places bar.

    1. freininghaus Post author

      Well, I don’t think that the settings dialog is the right place for configuring the icon size in the Places Panel. In the context menu, it would be much easier to discover how to change the size, and this would also be 100% consistent with the way you change the icon size in the tool bar.

  7. Albert

    Don’t blame the string freeze that you can’t add new features to 4.9.x, what you can’t do are add new feaures 😉

    1. freininghaus Post author

      You’re right, of course, but these features are actually things that worked in earlier versions (even if they did work a bit different). If something like that just stops to work in KDE 4.9.0, I consider this a bug, which I try to fix. But I see that blaming the string freeze was not entirely accurate, I apologize for that.

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