Dolphin 2.2 is there!

I told you about the changes in Dolphin 2.2 some time ago already. Here is a summary of the last bugs that were fixed during the beta/RC phase:

  • Bug 311582: Fix another “View fails to update after changes in the directory” issue. See git commit 74b0d33a.
  • Bug 310770: Use the correct default settings for Nepomuk. See git commits 530c743a, fe4bb558, review request 107464.
  • Bug 304299: Use only one application instance when opening multiple files if possible. See git commit e45a847d, review request 107305.
  • Bug 311782: Do not show “Directory loading has been cancelled” message if an error occurs. See git commit 07ee7c06, review request 107787.
  • Use the new Nepomuk2::MetaDataWidget for the Information Panel, which provides many improvements compared to KFileMetaDataWidget. See git commits 487d6dd5, da5b7dcd, 32d5e287.
  • Fix crash when browsing contents of Bluetooth device. See git commit 90c7fd40.
  • Bugs 262464, 312812313992: Show file names in plain text, even if the file name contains HTML tags. See git commits 4e6d2d84, e27c4b3a, f05e18db, 8a97ca66, review requests 108291, 108336, 108307, 108584. Nice example that shows how tricky it can be to get something right that looks extremely trivial.
  • Bug 312679: Fix crash when sorting by “Date” and the modification time of some files is close to a shift to/from daylight saving time. See git commit 715f00a9, review request 108309. This was actually caused by the new parallel sorting algorithm – it turned out that comparing dates is not reentrant.
  • Bug 311794: Show correct duration for audio files. See git commit d23631d0, review request 108281.
  • Bug 314338: Do not delay the popup menu when clicking the “Create New” toolbar button. See git commit 4d9af664, review request 108397.
  • Bug 290736: Select the correct item as the new current item after deleting files. See git commit 14e5ba5b, review request 108356.
  • Bug 302264: Fix crash when showing version-controlled directories. See git commit a9d7ebbc, review request 107656.
  • Use the correct icon size in the “Edit places entry” dialog. See git commit 99f200d2, review request 108443.
  • Bug 313151: Allow “timeline” URLs as homepage. See git commit 87a4eb9e, review request 108428.
  • Bug 313466: Make the “A folder cannot be dropped into itself” message less intrusive. See git commit c1051731, review request 108483.
  • Do not update Nepomuk data more often than necessary. See git commit af280715, review request 108543.

Those who have not upgraded to Dolphin 2.2 yet can enjoy at least the bug fixes that are also in the last bug fix update for Dolphin 2.1:


These changes were made possible by the following people who helped by submitting or testing patches, analysing tricky issues, or providing extremely useful bug reports that made finding even the root cause of mysterious bugs easy: Adrián Chaves Fernández, Andrea Scarpino, Christophe Giboudeaux, David Faure, Emmanuel Pescosta, Hugo Pereira Da Costa, Johann Bergles, Kai Uwe Broulik, Michael Jansen, Sandro Mani, Simeon Bird, Vishesh Handa, and Xuetian Weng. If I forgot anyone, please let me know!

But these are not the only people who helped during the last weeks. Burkhard Lück did a great job keeping the manual up to date, and Christoph Feck and Jekyll Wu deal with a large part of the incoming bug reports. And without translators, the release team, packagers, and sysadmins, we would not be able to ship Dolphin to you.


13 thoughts on “Dolphin 2.2 is there!

  1. istok

    Dolphin is a phenomenal file manager and you’re making it better. Running 2.2 and many, many thanks for all your hard work.

  2. avlas

    Is the plan to integrate dolphin and klook still alive? dolphin is fantastic and having a good preview option is the only thing I currently miss

    1. freininghaus Post author

      Even though I see that a quick preview option for different file types would be nice for some users, there were some issues that could not be resolved so far. And unfortunately, I don’t see how they could ever be resolved. See

      If you don’t want to read all of it, the bottom line is that having ‘Space’ show a quick preview for the current file does make things easier in file managers that use ‘Double click to open files’ as the default. The situation in Dolphin is different though: if you single-click a file that you want to preview, it will be opened anyway (and usually in an application that opens fast like Gwenview or Okular). If you’d want to preview it in something like KLook, you would have to first select it via Control+click or a rubberband selection and then press Space -> you don’t save any effort compared to just clicking and opening it.

      1. Rabuzarus

        Just an proposal:
        While you are right that selection + space + mouse click is complicated, why not change the the behaviour of the the mouse middle button from open in a new tab to preview with klook? Touchpads could emulate this behaviour with two or three finger tapping. For devices which don’t support middle button clicks something like meta+click or ctrl+alt + click could resolve the issue.

        1. kbroulik

          Middle mouse button doesn’t do anything for files anyway, so it’s predestined for something like that 🙂

        2. freininghaus Post author

          Thanks for the idea, but removing the option to open directories in a new tab by middle-clicking is not a good idea IMHO. And I’m not sure if making middle-clicking do completely different things for directories and files would be better. Moreover, most people don’t even have a middle mouse button nowadays.

        3. Rabuzarus

          > but removing the option to open directories in a new tab by middle-clicking is not a good idea IMHO

          OK, better idea. Why not having a dropdown menu in the config dialogue, where the user can select his/her favorite middle click behaviour? (for users without middle mouse button see my comment above)

          Maybe this topic should be disscussed in the dolphin forum to get more people/opinions on this topic. My personal point of view is that a quick and easy preview is a must have function (there are also some wishes in the brainstorming section about something like this). For pictures I use show ShowImage but klook looks more modern and supports different formats. So the question shouldn’t be if it should be integrated, the question should be how we get it integrated with the best usabillity experience in the end.

        4. freininghaus Post author

          Concerning “OK, better idea. Why not having a dropdown menu in the config dialogue, where the user can select his/her favorite middle click behaviour?”:

          Making some things configurable is certainly good. However, adding a config option for every little thing will quickly turn the settings dialog into an unusable mess.

      2. Vishesh Handa

        How about just assigning it to any free key apart from space AND allow the users to change it? The users who want it to be SPACE can then easily just change the shortcut.

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