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Dolphin bugs fixed in March 2013

Here is a summary of the bug fixes that Dolphin users who upgrade to last week’s release can benefit from:

  • Bug 288824: Fix the problem that no custom icons are shown for folders which are accessed via NFS and some other file systems. See git commit 6369b556 for the infrastructure in kdelibs, and commit b8c9aa55 for the patch that makes Dolphin use it.
  • Bug 316335: Make sure that children of expanded directories are removed from the  model if the parent is collapsed, and prevent that they reappear when the filter is removed. See git commit acec0e65, review request 109343.
  • Bug 315619: Do not skip rows in Details View when scrolling by clicking the empty area of the scroll bar. See git commit 6ba70a6f, review request 109210.
  • Bug 316615: If files with multiple types are selected, show the services for the file type ‘octet stream’ in the context menu. See git commit 4da8e6cd.
  • Bug 316016: Another kdelibs issue that caused Dolphin to not update the view properly. This one was about the deletion of a directory not being noticed and could be fixed thanks to good instructions to reproduce the bug provided by the forum user gedgon. See git commit 1f6d6cfc.
  • Bug 316300: Fixed a bug in the code that prevents the unintended execution of commands in the Terminal Panel when changing the view. This bug could lead to the command being executed in some corner cases. See git commit 6be6988f, review request 109431.
  • Bug 315693: Ensure that the Information panel shows “&” in filenames correctly. See git commit 914b8d88, review request 109129.
  • Bug 295300: Make sure that F5 reloads all expanded directories when viewing a remote directory. See git commit d3ad8f59, review request 109488.
  • A follow-up to the fix for bug 299371: Fix transition between normal and hover images. See git commit 472608e8, review request 109614, and Aurelién’s blog post for details about his smart debugging tricks.
  • Bug 317018: Fix a crash in the Mercurial plugin when deselecting a file to commit. See git commit 1f1392a6.
  • Bug 315569: Group files by name correctly also for non-ASCII file names. See git commit 02f4a69f, review request 109457.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make these bug fixes possible: Aurélien Gâteau, David Faure, Emmanuel Pescosta, Martin Koller, Pierre Sauter, Vishesh Yadav, Weng Xuetian.