Monthly Archives: May 2013

Dolphin bugs fixed in April 2013

Here are the bugs which were fixed in Dolphin for last week’s release:

  • Aureliéns efforts to make our hover animation as good as possible were not over yet: one little bug remained after his recent fixes. For details, see git commit c3a7ba4e, review request 109960.
  • Bug 316129: When entering a directory, load the icons for the visible icons first, rather than loading all icons in random order. See git commit 52a38ee9, review request 109843.
  • Bug 317827: Fix possible crash when filtering items. See git commit 34d0ad72.
  • Bug 316285: Fix crash in the accessibility code. See git commit f8bf2577.
  • Bug 317772: Disable the non-working Find/Replace actions when renaming inline. See git commit a16562cd.
  • Bug 193298: Make sure that the correct free space for the current device is shown when viewing a folder with a name whose beginning coincides with a mount point. See git commit 4f2ecbab, review request 110225.
  • Bug 318942: When renaming multiple files, make sure that the “Rename” button is enabled if and only if there is exactly one connected sequence of ‘#’ symbols. See git commit cbb2a4cf, review request 110223.
  • Bug 305734: Fix the problem that selected hidden items are hard to see with certain color schemes. See git commit 572513a1, review request 110164.
  • Bug 302037: Prevent that the view URL changes unexpectedly when the Terminal Panel is enabled and the current path is a symbolic link to a directory. See git commit 2e123de9, review request 110233.

Thanks for providing patches, helpful analysis and testing proposed fixes: Aurélien Gâteau, David Faure, Emmanuel Pescosta, and Jekyll Wu.