Dolphin bugs fixed in May 2013

Again, we have a new bug fix release. Here are the bug fixes that Dolphin users who upgrade can benefit from:

  • Bug 304918: Update the ‘Recently Accessed’ and ‘Search For’ sections of the Places Panel when Nepumuk is started or stopped. See git commit 24609e78, review request 110323.
  • Bug 255819: Ensure that manual changes of the icon for the ‘Sort By’ toolbar button are remembered. See git commit f12345a5, review request 109966.
  • Bug 319660: When dropping the trash in a directory, create a link, rather than copying the trash contents to that directory. See git commit 6072f58c.
  • Bug 319747: Fix crash when copying many files. See git commit 1b9726e2.
  • Bug 315796: Make it possible to change the parameters of ‘read only’ search queries. See git commit 2c68fe33, review request 110324.
  • Bug 309740: Prevent that files in expanded folders are shown with a size of 16 EiB while they are being changed. See git commit 56cf52db, review request 110428.
  • Bug 299675: Fix problems when moving files out of or into expanded folders in Details View. See git commit a79c3a39, review request 110401.
  • Bug 319336: Fix a crash that could happen when editing the tags of a file. See git commit 2080bc1d.

Thanks to Daniel Faust, David Faure, and Vishesh Handa!