Dolphin bugs fixed in June 2013

The last bug fix update for Dolphin 2.2 has been shipped recently. Here is a summary of the changes that you can enjoy if you upgrade:

  • Bug 320823: Rename the right item when items are added to the view while renaming. See git commit 4de9a233, review request 110909.
  • Bug 319912: Do not rename files unexpectedly when changing the URL while renaming. See git commit 5948dc0f, review request 110908.
  • Bug 310705, bug 312014: Ensure that switching to “Sort by Type” takes effect without reloading the view. See git commit 735c046d, review request 111004.
  • Bug 320897: Prevent that the rubber band selection rectangle gets a width or height of zero pixels. See git commit 22d93e8f, review request 111144.
  • Bug 321234: Allow renaming multiple files without providing one or more ‘#’ as a placeholder for a number if all extensions are different. This was an “accidental” feature that we were not aware of at all until a user reported that it had been broken by a recent bug fix. See git commit 6f2e1403, review request 111079.
  • Bug 316209: Prevent possible infinite recursion in the ViewProperties constructor, which caused crashes on MacOS. See git commit 04229f8f, review request 111182.
  • Bug 307336: When dragging a file from a search result to KMail, use the correct URL. See git commit c847aacf, review request 111209.
  • Bug 321198: Make searching recent files work correctly. See git commit 25a2255e.

Moreover, Dawit Alemayehu, who has fixed an amazing number of kdelibs bugs that affect file management, made two more commits last month which:

These improvements were contributed and/or tested by Dawit Alemayehu, Emmanuel Pescosta, Kurt Hindenburg, and Vishesh Handa. Thanks for your help! If I forgot anyone, please let me know.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend Akademy, but I hope that everyone who is in Bilbao has a good time there!

3 thoughts on “Dolphin bugs fixed in June 2013

  1. Heller

    Many thanks to the dolphin team, it’s really an important piece of software in my daily work 🙂

  2. 355ca6cbe2779a303a073cb60c97a9ee8024c8cb

    regarding revision 111079 [1] for bug 321234 [2]

    in the diff on line 113 of file dolphin/src/views/renamedialog.cpp it says:

    const QString extension = KMimeType::extractKnownExtension(item.url().prettyUrl().toLower());

    my question:

    Is there a reason why you put the entire prettyUrl in lowercase before extraction.

    and not afterwards, just on the much shorter extracted extension

    random bonus question: what about unknown extensions ?


    1. freininghaus Post author

      Sorry for the late reply.

      To be honest, I just copied the code from another location in the same file and did not think much about this issue. Maybe the ‘lowering’ before the extraction of the extension was done because it doesn’t work with upper case extensions? Feel free to try it and share your results 😉

      About the “bonus question:”: I would guess that it returns an empty string for file names with unknown extensions. If you’re curious, just try it!

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