Recent Dolphin bug fixes

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about changes in Dolphin 4.12.0 and earlier versions that reduced the memory usage and improved the performance. These improvements were only a small part of our efforts to make Dolphin more pleasant to use, however.

Here is a summary of all bugs that were fixed in Dolphin during the past months:

Dolphin 4.12.4

  • Bug 332143: When searching files by content, and Nepomuk is disabled, search in all plain text files. Before this fix, we only searched in files whose MIME type begins with “text/”, which excludes, e.g., shell scripts. See git commit c52ba944, review request 116805.

Dolphin 4.12.3

  • Bug 330047: Restore the URLs of both views correctly when restoring a session. See git commit be29aed5, review request 115406.
  • Bug 330605: Fix the problem that the Dropbox plugin prevents the git plugin from working. See git commit 2a6a1f5a, review request 116019.
  • Bug 305694: Show the correct icon size in the tool tip for the “zoom slider” in the status bar. See git commit 885d260c, review request 111197.

Dolphin 4.12.2

  • Bug 330126: Do not show tooltips while renaming a file. See git commit 8007143f, review request 115146.
  • Bug 330001: Always enable the “Create New…” menu if the URL is writable. Before this commit, this did not work in some special cases. See git commit 48653030, review request 115405.

Dolphin 4.12.1

  • Bug 328791: When adding columns in Details View, also update items that are currently filtered. See git commit 2260d70e, review request 114266.
  • Bug 329118: If a file is renamed outside Dolphin, update it even if it is filtered at the moment. See git commit c0a85189, review request 114459.
  • Bug 294054: Disable the “Create folder” action in read-only directories. See git commit 67bb99c5, review request 114560.
  • Bug 250787: Kill any running preview jobs before starting a new one. This fixes a race condition that could make the Information Panel show an incorrect preview image in some situations. See git commit 8ed499f2, review request 114561.

Dolphin 4.12.0

  • Bug 302703: Fix layout issues in the view when switching from Details View (without expandable folders) to Icons View. See git commit 69c9100f, review request 111632.
  • Bug 288629, bug 322299, bug 322812: Do not allow that panels are dragged out of the main window. This feature was not extremely useful, but it caused some serious bugs. See git commit 5583fc63, review request 111692.
  • Bug 321577: Do not enable the “Create New…” menu when a search is finished. See git commit 8325140a, review request 111805.
  • Bug 260717: Show the full information for a file in the status bar if only one file is selected. See git commit ba56ec86, review request 111934.
  • Bug 260717: Show the full status bar information also for hovered folders. See git commit 8941745b, review request 112106.
  • Bug 318518: Count the items inside subfolders (e.g., for the “Size” column in Details View) in another thread. This can prevent a blocking of the user interface while counting many files on a slow device. See git commit 81a6f33a, review request 111920.
  • Bug 324371, bug 325359: Make the code that removes items from KFileItemModel more robust. This fixes two bugs, including a crash. See git commit 84b40da8, review request 113070.
  • Bug 325543: Make it easier to expand folders in Details View with a large icon size. See git commit 4873685e, review request 113169.
  • Bug 323181: Abort loading the current URL if the user presses Escape. See git commit 1a997903, review request 113234.
  • Bug 304363: If an expanded folder with subfolders which are also expanded is collapsed and then re-expanded in Details View, ensure that the full expanded directory tree is restored. See git commit 07f0d125, review request 113293.
  • Bug 319282: Update the Places Panel entries when switching the language. See git commit 6dd2ae4e, review request 113850.
  • Store the selected items in a more efficient way. Rather than storing all selected indexes in a QSet, which requires a lot of memory and CPU time when pressing Ctrl+A in a huge directory, we now store the beginning and length of each contiguous interval in the selection in a sorted list. See git commit 5c5d87fe, review request 113488.
  • Simplify the relationship between DolphinMainWindow and DolphinNewFileMenu. See git commit d0a9410e, review request 111989.
  • Replace a loop that resets all items in a QVector to the default value by a call to QVector::fill(). See git commit 38adcc0c, review request 112179.
  • Simplify error handling of the “Create New…” menu. See git commit dd16a11d, review request 112178.

Dolphin 4.11.5

  • Bug 328262: When canceling a rename operation because a file with the new name exists already, do not change the file name in the view. See git commit 385e5fef, review request 114228.

Dolphin 4.11.4

  • Bug 287983: Do not truncate the text in tool tips for files with very long names. See git commit 1af756f1, review request 113101.
  • Bug 327224: Fix a regression that broke opening the trash by clicking the trash widget on the desktop. See git commit 1c856e44.
  • Bug 327412: When going back by clicking the “back” mouse button in the empty space of the view, do not select any items in the previous directory if the view is scrolled down. See git commit 41ece8e9.
  • Bug 306631: Fix incorrect scrollbar spacing when using the QtCurve style. See git commit 39e7ba46, review request 113902.
  • Bug 327709: Fix incorrect geometry updates of the view after resizing the window quickly. See git commit b3322111, review request 113939.

Dolphin 4.11.3

  • Bug 325344: Remove all children of expanded subfolders when switiching from Details View to Icons View, including the children which are filtered. See git commit befa646f, review request 112962.
  • Bug 267171: Show the right version control states for expanded items. See git commit bbbfeb28, review request 112980.
  • Bug 324479: Make it possible to select file names containing Space with the keyboard serch. See git commit c802f3d2, review request 113071.
  • Bug 161385: Reload the view if a previously unmounted device is mounted again. See git commit 7f8dca1b.
  • Bug 325517: Fix crash when triggering the “Compare files” action via D-Bus. Note that the new code is much simpler than the buggy version! See git commit 42c26b15.

Dolphin 4.11.2

  • Bug 286459: Fix colors in the “Services” section of the settings dialog. See git commit 91a2e523, review request 112483.
  • Bug 296970: Fix unwanted interactions between split views when searching. See git commit 576481d1, review request 112534.
  • Bug 311099: Scroll the view to the bottom when pressing “Page down” repeatedly. Before this fix, the scrolling stopped a few pixels above the bottom. See git commit 6566f757, review request 112678.
  • Bug 324713: If the view is sorted by “Size”, and there are some items with the same size, then these are sorted by their names. Ensure that the sort order is updated if one of these files is renamed outside Dolphin. See git commit be391bda, review request 112561.
  • Remove useless “Copy text” action from the status bar context menu. See git commit 4c17ce2c, review request 112355.
  • Bug 322093: Make preview loading faster when scrolling. See git commit bf2a0d69, review request 112580.

Dolphin 4.11.1

  • Bug 323248: Fix possible crash when disabling “Show in groups”. See git commit 292e11fc, review request 111919.
  • Bug 310662, bug 314339: Fix slow scrolling when hidden files or symbolic links are shown. See git commit 381b1796, review request 111956.
  • Bug 323518: Make sure that the sort order is correct after renaming – similar to bug 324713, which was fixed later in Dolphin 4.11.2, but for the case that the file is renamed in Dolphin. See git commit 6b375d2e, review request 111721.
  • Bug 314544: Fix crash when failing to get block device for audio CD. See git commit ae81a800, review request 112117.
  • Bug 323789: Prevent repeated expensive resortings if many files are renamed at the same time. See git commit 9cbca724, review request 111195.
  • Bug 322969: Fix possible crash after renaming files. See git commit 85f29746, review request 111988.
  • Bug 321710: Show the mime type “Folder” in the view also for subfolders which have not been accessed yet on disk. See git commit ab8ee1a6, review request 111830.
  • Bug 310412: Adjust the size and position of the selection toggle if the icon size is changed. See git commit f3ca9435, review request 112250.
  • Bug 304558, bug 321882: Fix filename trucation issues in Icons View if a maximum number of lines is set: sometimes file names were truncated too early, and sometimes, it was not indicated that a file name is truncated. See git commit 82d42b8d, review request 112265.
  • Bug 323946: When pressing the left or right arrow keys while a part of a file name which is being renamed is selected, move the cursor to the beginning or the end of the selection, respectively. See git commit d5521168, review request 112256.


These improvements were made possible by

  • Emmanuel Pescosta, who worked on an impressive number of bugs,
  • Christoph Feck, who not only handles a large number of incoming bug reports, but also contributed quite a few patches,
  • everyone who fixed bugs, provided advice, or tested patches: Albert Astals Cid, Alex Levkovich, Burkhard Lück, David Rosca, Grigoriadis Grigoris, Kai Uwe Broulik, Mark Gaiser, Phil Schaf, Wolfgang Bauer, and Yichao Yu,
  • sysadmins, packagers, translators, and many others who help to improve our software and get it to our users.

5 thoughts on “Recent Dolphin bug fixes

  1. emmanuelp

    These improvements were made possible by

    * Frank Reininghaus, who does an outstanding job in maintaining, stabilizing and improving (speed- and feature-wise) Dolphin.

    A very big thank you from my side!

  2. bidinou

    Thank all of you ever so much, those Dolphin improvements are very very enjoyable & appreciated !

  3. Marta

    There are two features I still miss in Dolphin and I haven’t heard a convincing explanation to the fact that they are still no present:

    – History. Konqueror has it, even Windows 95 file explorer had it. Is there a real reason for not implement it? Is rather annoying having to clic a dozen times the back arrow if we want to visit a folder we visited 12 “movements” ago, and then other 12 more times to get back.
    – Horizontal split. Again, Konqueror has it, why Dolphin doesn’t? It’s a very useful feature, because when you have the view splitted vertically you can’t read the line with the file name, file size, date, etc, complete, since there’s no space. It’s even worse if you work with Dolphin maximized vertically but only half screen wide because you want to take advantage of panoramic screens and improve your productivity having two windows at the time, one at the left, the other at the right, like pages in a book.

    There have been written dozens of comments, on the forums, feature requests in BKO, but for some incomprehensible reason, 7 years after Dolphin’s first versions, it still lacks features that where present in file managers back in the 90 decade!
    So, please, be so kind to clarify once and for all, is there a real motive because those request have been constantly rejected, it’s only developers’ evilness, xD, are the users who demand it just crazy? What?


    1. freininghaus Post author

      About the horizontal splitting (which is what is about): You can still use Konqueror if this feature is crucial for you. Dolphin does intentionally not duplicate every feature that Konqueror has – there would not be any need for two separate file managers in that case. In particular, I’m afraid that for the horizontal splitting, the added UI complexity which would be required for this, and the amount of additions to the code, which would require ongoing maintenance, are not justified by a sufficiently large benefit for a sufficiently large part of our user base. Yes, I see that some users would find the feature convenient, but again: they can just use Konqueror, which shares most file-management-related code with Dolphin.

      About the history feature: I think everyone agrees that this would be a very welcome addition. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that could be improved in Dolphin, but only very few people who volunteer to work on the code. This means that some ideas, however good they are, will never get implemented unless some of the people who think that there is too little progress stop complaining and start helping us.

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