Dolphin Bug Triaging Update; Bug Fixes in KDE 4.9.3

The bug triaging event which I announced here recently has already yielded a number of very nice results:

  • About 50% of all Dolphin bugs have been triaged already.
  • Some of them were fixed just after they had been analysed.
  • A huge number of reports now has updated and more accurate information, which makes life a lot easier for me and other people who are working on improving Dolphin’s quality.
  • Many reports which were obsolete or which were about issues that are not Dolphin bugs could be closed or reassigned.

All in all, the number of open bug reports has dropped from 305 to 278 since my last blog post, which is even more remarkable if you consider that new reports get filed all the time (19 since my last blog post). Moreover, some more can probably be closed when the results listed on the wiki page that we use to coordinate the triaging are double-checked. Many thanks go to Adrián Chaves Fernández, Bryan Cuneo, Grigoris Grigoriadis, Jaime Torres, and Marco Zühlke, whose work was supported by some of our regular contributors, in particular Jekyll Wu. It’s amazing to see just how many reports some of them triaged – anyone who has ever done serious bug triaging work can imagine how much effort they put into this.

As you see, a lot has been achieved already, but there is still enough to do for anyone who is willing to help. If you have got some time to spare and want to help us to improve Dolphin, go to the wiki page and do one of the following:

  • Pick a batch of 5 bug reports and go through them, or
  • Double-check some of the results that are listed on the page and make modifications to the bug report if necessary. I’m checking some results on the page from time to time, but any help is appreciated. For that, you’ll need upgraded Bugzilla permissions which will probably be granted to you if you add a few links to bug reports that you did some useful work on to your sysadmin request. If the required modifications have been made, one can strike through the bug number using <s>…</s> to make it clear that the report has been worked on already.
  • Check out the bugs that need some particular hardware/software setup and see if you can help with either of them.

Since KDE 4.9.3 has been released recently, I would also like to point out which bugs have been fixed for this release:

  • Bug 306459: Fix crash when enabling “Split View” in the settings and then changing the URL of the new view. See git commit 4dc8ea34.
  • Bug 307603: Use not only Alt+Return, but also Alt+Enter as shortcut for “Properties”. See git commit 6497837b, review request 106753.
  • Bug 302264: Fix deadlock when trying to read information from version controlled directories. If anyone with solid multithreading knowledge can tell me why the deadlock actually caused a crash, please add a comment here, I’m curious! See git commit 4bdf134c.
  • Bug 307734: Use the correct color for the arrows when expanding folders. See git commit 8c5be538, review request 107031.
  • Bug 304986: Prevent that Dolphin can get into a state where it permanently uses 100% of one CPU. KDE 4.9.3 contains a workaround for this problem. The real fix is in the 4.10 branch of kdelibs. See git commit ea6a7c09.
  • Bug 279333: Prevent that panels can be moved if they have been locked. See git commit 0b16a06c, review request 107135.
  • Bug 309338: Make renaming folders in the Folders Panel possible without creating a stream of error dialogs. See git commit ab82045a, review request 107070.
  • Bug 308569: Only store the “Home URL” chosen in the settings in the configuration file if it is different from the default value. This fixes problems when copying the configuration file to another user’s home directory. See git commit f84c4267.
  • Bug 303742: Prevent that an incorrect name is shown after a failed “Rename” operation. See git commit 7cff47b0.

These bug fixes were made possible by the efforts of Amol Godbole, Christoph Feck, Emmanuel Pescosta, and Simeon Bird. Thanks!

One thing that is also worth mentioning here is how we found the cause of Bug 304986 (Dolphin goes to 100% CPU usage without any apparent reason). This was actually a very tricky issue, and I would never have been able to debug this without the fantastic support that the people involved in the bug report provided, namely, Alexey Shildyakov, Hrvoje Senjan, Kai Uwe Broulik, and Sandro Mani. Debugging this took a lot of time, but it was actually fun thanks to the awesome collaboration. And I’m quite happy that Dolphin wastes less CPU cycles now 🙂

Help Dolphin by triaging bugs!

This blog post is for you if:

  •  you want to help to improve Dolphin, no matter if you have programming skills or not,
  • you want to know more about how quality assurance in a free software project works,
  • you’ve always wanted to contribute to KDE, but could not find a good place to get started.

Like every software project, Dolphin unfortunately has bugs. Bug reports are filed by users at, then we (the developers) read the reports and fix the bugs, and everyone is happy, right? Well, it’s not quite that easy.

Carefully reading a single bug report, including all comments, extracting all relevant information, and trying to reproduce and then analyze the bug usually takes quite a bit of time. It gets worse if a report is incomplete, i.e., if important information is missing, or if the bug just cannot be reproduced on the developer’s machine for some reason. Now consider how many open bug reports there are (currently 305 for Dolphin, not even mentioning wishes), that new bug reports are filed every day, and that lots of comments are added to the existing reports. Maybe you start realizing why we spend a considerable amount of time managing bug reports instead of fixing bugs, and why we are nonetheless far from being able to give every bug report the attention that it deserves.

To make working with the bug database easier and more satisfactory for everyone (users, developers, and also potential new contributors), I’m trying to revive the Bugsquad effort and organise a joint bug triaging event. The goal is to go through all Dolphin bug reports and improve their quality by

  • making sure that all important information is in the report and that the summary is meaningful,
  • assigning all Dolphin reports to the right components (right now, most reports are in the ‘general’ component),
  • marking bugs that can be reliably reproduced with the ‘reproduceable’ keyword,
  • closing bug reports that are not valid any more, and
  • requesting additional information from bug reporters if necessary.

It’s very easy to take part: just make sure that you have KDE 4.9.2 (a 4.9 or master branch checkout is fine as well), head to the wiki page on Techbase, read the instructions carefully, pick a batch of 5 bugs, go through them one by one and check if anything about the report can be improved. Always be friendly when you add a comment – keep in mind that the bug reporters have also sacrificed some of their free time to make Dolphin
better. Ask any questions in the forum thread that I have created for this purpose. I’ll check the forum regularly and try to help (please use this forum thread only for bug triaging-related questions, for nothing else, in particular not for reporting bugs). I don’t use IRC much myself, but you might also be able to find people who can give advice in the #kde-bugs channel (which is also strictly for triaging-related discussions only).

You’ll obviously need a account and ideally a KDE identity account, which works both for the wiki and the forum. Unless the permissions of your account have been upgraded, you can only add comments and not make any other changes (like changing the component or the version), but we want to double-check each other’s work anyway, so just add a link to the bug report and a short comment to the appropriate section of the wiki page, and someone else will have a look and make the change for you.

A final remark: I know that some people might think that I should better spend my time fixing bugs, rather than organizing a triaging event, because there are quite a few high-quality bug reports which I could start working on right away. However, I believe that a joint effort to go through all bug reports will not only make the work of everyone involved with Dolphin more efficient in the future, but also has the potential to attract
new contributors (as I said in a recent interview for Behind KDE, my own involvement with KDE started with a bug triaging event and fixing a small bug shortly after that). Therefore, I am sure that this organisational effort is a good investment.

Thanks for reading this! I’m looking forward to a productive collaboration – I’ll also take some batches myself next week. I don’t know how long it will take to go through all bugs, but I’ll post a bug triaging summary here when we are done.

Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.9.2

Here is a summary of the issues that have been fixed in KDE 4.9.2, which has been released today:

  • Bug 304752: Do not show a ‘-‘ if some additional information about an item is unavailable. See git commit f64a82bd, review request 106304.
  • Bug 176277: When dropping an item on an unmounted device in the Places Panel, mount it automatically. See git commit 3f6cb83a, review request 106072.
  • Bug 304627: Make it possible to rename items using a dialog. In KDE 4.9.0 and 4.9.1, “Inline Renaming” was the only way to rename files. The dialog can be re-enabled by adding “RenameInline=false” to the [General] section of $KDEHOME/share/config/dolphinrc. An option in the settings dialog will be added later (not possible during the KDE 4.9.x cycle because of the string freeze). See git commit 7ca682fe.
  • Bug 304323: Use a better icon, which is available on all distributions, for the recently accessed items in the Places Panel. See git commit d86ec02b.
  • Bug 306167: Do not crash when closing a LUKS-encrypted loopback file. See git commit a502d397.
  • Bug 306147: Do not crash when refreshing the view while renaming inline. See git commit ea3ed1d9.
  • Bug 306349, Bug 304838: Prevent that the URL changes unexpectedly in some situations when the Terminal Panel is open. See git commit 9111135f.
  • Bug 293200: Do not change the URL if a folder without subfolders is hovered in the Folders Panel. See git commit f52fc142, review request 106452.
  • Bug 297355: Always hide tool tips when the Dolphin window loses focus. See git commit ecaa575f, review request 106499.
  • Bug 295573: When double-clicking a folder in the Folders Panel, do not just open it in the view, but also expand it. See git commit 3cb15ca7, review request 106497.
  • Bug 304878: Prevent that “ghost folders” are shown in the Places Panel after unmounting devices. See git commit 068b6297, review request 106456.
  • Bug 305783: Prevent unexpected expansion of folders in the Folders Panel when the mouse is not hovering the panel any more. See git commit 8c4fa6e0, review request 106381.
  • Bug 301959: Make it possible to change the icon size in the Places Panel (in KDE 4.9.0 and 4.9.1, the “small” icon size was used). To change the icon size to, e.g., 60
    pixels, add the following lines to $KDEHOME/share/config/dolphinrc :

    It is planned to make the icon size configurable via the context menu in the future, but this is not possible during the 4.9.x cycle because of the string freeze. Some people will probably ask if we could bring the automatic resizing from KDE <= 4.8 back. I know that many users liked this feature, but others perceived it as a bug. I believe that an option to set the icon size using the context menu will suit everyone. See git commit ca5fcd54.

  • Bug 306029: Only look for files, rather than all items stored by Nepomuk, when clicking a “Recently Accessed” entry in the Places Panel. See git commit 41007b88, review request 106274.
  • This one had not been reported at, but was found just by looking closely at the code: when changing the enabled preview plugins in the settings dialog after the preview generator has been initialised, really use the new settings. See git commit 0400154c.
  • Bug 307215: Use the “small” icon size chosen by the user, rather than a fixed size of 16×16 pixels, for the “Places” icon in the location bar. See git commit 6dc07bb7.
  • Bug 304427: Fix the rendering of “half star” ratings. See git commit a24fdb5e.

Moreover, some commits by Dawit Alemayehu make Dolphin’s code behave better when it is used for file management inside Konqueror: switching tabs with Control+Tab should work again, and some regressions in the filter plugin were fixed.


These bug fixes were made possible by commits and good advice by Christoph Feck, David Faure, Dawit Alemayehu, Elias Probst, Emmanuel Pescosta, Todd Jennings, and Vishesh Handa.

Not only the developers who fix bugs are important – we are also much obliged to the users who report them. In particular, I would like to mention a few users here who not only reported bugs, but did some tests that we asked for and provided valuable feedback that helped to identify and fix some problems: Hrvoje Senjan, Jens Rutschmann, and Petrus de Calguarium.

What’s next?

I’m planning to start the bug triage event that I had in mind for some time soon. Some preliminary information is available in the archives of the Bugsquad mailing list. I will post more information here soon.

Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.9.1

You’ve probably heard that KDE 4.9.1 is out. I did not get much coding done myself last month, both because real life keeps me busy and because reviewing patches, reading incoming new bug reports and bug report comments and replying to at least some of them took a lot of time.

But the patches that were submitted by others during the last month made patch review a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Here are the Dolphin bug fixes that are in KDE 4.9.1:

  • Bug 304467: Stop creating thumbnails when closing Dolphin. See git commit 4d39dbc.
  • Bug 302624: Fix the size of the rating starts in Icons mode. See git commit 146c77e, review request 105830.
  • Bug 252539: Make sure that a Phonon preview widget is shown in the Information Panel for all audio and video files. See git commit d1808d5.
  • Bug 292700: Show the icon size in a tool tip when changing the size using the sliders in the “Configure Dolphin…” dialog. See git commit 5e87cef, review request 105990.
  • Bug 303133: Use the correct text color in the Places Panel for all color schemes. See git commits 5ba759b and 23194dd, review request 105832.
  • Bug 305228: Make sure that entries in the “Sort by…” and “Additional Information…” menus are translated. See git commits 199fabb and 168d051, review request 106049.
  • Bug 304541: When opening a directory that is shown in the Places Panel, select it in the panel. See git commit 78dd4c9, review request 106074.
  • Bug 304524: Fix crash when minimizing the Dolphin window while renaming a file. See git commit a9c2bdc.
  • Bug 305538: Make sure that the Dolphin window is split when opening Dolphin with the –split option. See git commit d430a1c, review request 106171.
  • Bug 304860: When dragging items from an archive opened in Ark and dropping them in Dolphin, make sure that the correct archive is used. See git commit 88e2492, review request 106131.
  • Bug 305922: When selecting files using the –select option on the command line, scroll the view such that the first selected item is visible. See git commit 282ecb3, review request 106209.

Moreover, Dolphin users will benefit from two bug fixes in kdelibs:

  • Bug 206500: Do not show “Could not change permissions” dialogs when copying or moving files to NTFS partitions. See git commit 51c00963.
  • Bug 303169: Fix a crash that can happen with some styles when closing Dolphin. See git commit e9b1714f, review request 105920.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in these bug fixes, either by submitting patches or by providing advice on the best way to fix something:

Albert Astals Cid, David Faure, Christoph Feck, Aurélien Gâteau, Benni Hill, Raphael Kubo da Costa, Emmanuel Pescosta (who fixed four Dolphin bugs for KDE 4.9.1!), Martin Sandsmark, Harald Sitter, Xuetian Weng, and Jekyll Wu.

If I forgot someone in this list, please let me know!

How to get started with Dolphin development

First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone who provided help and support since I took over Dolphin’s maintainership. Two patches have been contributed already (1, 2 – the first one will be in 4.9.0, but the second one not due to string freeze issues), and some people helped to handle the incoming bug reports. I would like to mention Christoph Feck and Jekyll Wu here because they have triaged lots of bugs over a long period – thank you very much for that!

I am also quite happy about those who have expressed interest in getting involved with Dolphin development and have asked for some guidance about how to get started. As I said in my last post, I’m a bit busy at the moment, and from now on I will be away for a couple of weeks and cannot do any Dolphin-related work at all (I might be able to check mails from time to time though), but I would like to provide a few ideas about possible first steps at least.

How to keep in contact with other people working on Dolphin and how to find something to work on

  • Bugs are reported at Here are some example queries: bugs (not wishes) reported in the last two months, all open Dolphin bugs.
  • The mailing list where Dolphin development is discussed is kfm-devel. Feel free to ask there if you have any questions concerning the code. Please do not use this list to report bugs.
  • Patches are submitted for review at Review Board. Use the ‘dolphin’ product, this makes sure that a notification email is sent to the kfm-devel list. You will need a KDE identity account to use Review Board and many more KDE-related services. If you want to work on something larger or if you are unsure if the approach you have in mind to fix a problem is the right one, please ask on the mailing list before you invest a lot of time.
  • We have a forum which can be used for support requests and Dolphin-related questions. If it turns out that something which is discussed at the forum is a bug, please make sure that it is reported at

Building Dolphin from source

This is the first and maybe most important step that anyone willing to help out with development has to take. There is some information about building the entire KDE source at TechBase, including links to tools like kdesrc-build and build-tool which can be used to perform most of the steps automatically.

But it is also possible to build just kde-baseapps, which is the repository where Dolphin is located, provided the kdelibs development package provided by your distribution are installed. Finding the easiest way to do it and publishing it has been on my TODO list fore quite some time, but because I never got round to do it, I’ll just provide ideas how it can be done. Maybe you will find even better ways. If you find a way to build just Dolphin and think it is easy enough for others as well, please post a description as a comment or provide a link to a script, pastebin, etc. We can put the easiest way to build Dolphin on a wiki then.

Dolphin 2.1 and beyond

You have probably heard last week that Peter stepped down as Dolphin maintainer. I would like to thank him for the good collaboration that we had during the last years. It was a great pleasure to work with him, and I think that his departure is a big loss for KDE.

He entrusted the future maintenance of Dolphin to me, so I will do my best to keep it in good shape. I think that ease of use and stability are what users appreciate most about Dolphin, and I want to make sure that it stays that way.

My most important medium-term goal is to attract new developers. I think that this is of vital importance for a number of reasons:

  • Any software project with a low bus number is in great danger.
  • I am the maintainer now, but that does not mean that the amount of time that I can spend on Dolphin development will suddenly increase. I will try to read all incoming bug reports (note that it can take a while until I look at a newly reported bug – even maintainers have a real life and go on holiday sometimes) and try to reproduce them, at least those that can be reproduced using my hardware and software setup. I will also try to fix a couple of bugs for each release. But I cannot implement any major new features if I have to do it all alone.
  • I do not like to work alone. I have always enjoyed discussions about code with Peter and other developers, and I quite like the idea that all commits should be reviewed. Obviously, discussing patches and review for everyone is only possible if the number of people who contribute to the project on a regular basis is greater than one.

To make it easier for potential new contributors to find something to work on, I would like to start a joint effort to go through all Dolphin bug reports, close obsolete ones and assign useful keywords to those that can be reproduced easily.  Real life will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks, but then I will get in touch with the Bugsquad and get something organised. Any help will be welcome 🙂 I think that participating in a joint bug triaging session is a nice way to start contributing to a free software project – as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, my involvement in KDE started with two Konqueror bug days a couple of years ago.

Not only code contributions, but also help in other areas is appreciated, of course. Those include:

  • Triaging bug reports at It really helps a lot if triagers add useful information to bug reports, point out duplicates, ask the reporter for more information, and thus reduce the number of bug reports that need the maintainer’s attention. It’s also nice for users that their reports can get quick replies even when the maintainer is busy with other things.
  • User support at the forum. It’s amazing to see how fast a group of dedicated forum members replies to most user questions and resolves many of them. I think that this improves the user experience considerably.
  • Documentation and translation. Especially Burkhard Lück does a great job keeping the documentation of Dolphin (and other applications) in good shape.

If you would like to contribute to Dolphin or KDE in general, but you do not want to write code, getting involved in one of these areas is a great way to help the project to move forward.

Summary: If you want to get involved with Dolphin development, you are more than welcome! If you don’t know a good place to start, stay tuned and wait a couple of weeks for my next posts.

Dolphin keyboard search improvement in KDE 4.8.2

If you read my previous post, you know that there is a Dolphin forum at
Thanks to a couple of very active forum members who are doing a really amazing job, many user questions are answered quite quickly. This is why I didn’t get involved in many topics so far: Every time I look at the forum, most new questions have been answered already, and the others are often about problems that I unfortunately can’t help with.

Today I’m going to tell you how the forum made me find and fix a bug in Dolphin. The other day, a new user asked some questions, one of which was about selecting a file by typing the first few letters of its name. Let me first give you some background information.

Let’s assume that we want to jump to a particular file in the current folder as quickly as possible. I will tell you about two ways to do this in Dolphin in a minute. As an example, I will consider the folder dolphin/src/views/ in Dolphin’s source code, which contains the files (I have “folders first” enabled, which is why tooltips and versioncontrol are first in the view):

many more dolphin* files…

Let’s assume that the file we are interested in is draganddrophelper.cpp.

Filter Bar

If you press Control+I, or select “Show Filter Bar” from the “Tools” menu, the filter bar is shown at the bottom of the view. Just enter any text there, and the view will only show files whose name contains this text. In our example, entering “dr” will hide all files except draganddrophelper.cpp and draganddrophelper.h

Keyboard Search

If you don’t want to use the filter bar, you can enter the first few letters of a file’s name to jump to this file. Pressing “d” will focus the first file whose name starts with the letter “d”, i.e., dolphindirlister.cpp. Now we expect that pressing “r” will take us to draganddrophelper.cpp. However, we will probably get to renamedialog.cpp instead – it seems that Dolphin forgot that we first entered a “d”! We will achieve the desired result only if we type very fast.

Digging into the code

In Dolphin 1.x, keyboard search was taken care of by QAbstractItemView. In Dolphin’s new view engine, the key event handling code is organized in a different way, but the behaviour is mostly the same. The idea is the following: All letters entered by the user are put together to a search string, and then the next file whose name starts with that string is focused. However, if a pause longer than some timeout value occurs between two key presses, it is assumed that the user wants to start a new search, and the previous search string is forgotten.

The problem is that this timeout is QApplication::keyboardInputInterval() in KDE <= 4.8.1 (and probably still today in QAbstractItemView). At first sight, the name of this function suggests that it does indeed have something to do with keyboard input, but the API docs tell us that it’s not quite what we need here, and that the default value is just 0.4 seconds. This is why we have to type so quickly to do a multi-letter keyboard search in Dolphin.

After a quick discussion on the kfm-devel list, we decided to increase the timeout to 5 seconds.

Some readers will probably note that Nautilus provides visual feedback about the search string during a keyboard search. If you read the mailing list thread, you will see that we would like to provide something similar in Dolphin as well. However, we can’t promise to implement this in the near future because our TODO-lists are quite long already :-(. A quick note to potential new contributors, just to prevent misunderstandings: Implementing such a feature requires thorough knowledge of Dolphin’s code base. People who would like to help out should therefore start with something easier first.

More bug fixes

Here is the complete list of Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.8.2, most of which were done by Peter, from the KDE 4.8.2 changelog:

  • Select files which have been pasted or dropped. Fixes bug 295389. See Git commit 210e5e3.
  • Prevent flickering of icons or previews when downloading files. See Git commit ef2ef83.
  • Fix sorting-issue when “Sort folders first” is disabled. Fixes bug 296437. See Git commit 7120e01.
  • Bypass crash in combination with the Polyester-style. Fixes bug 296453. See Git commit 010699e.
  • Fix alternate background issue in the Details mode. See Git commit f3e6298.
  • Fix translation-issue in the context-menu. Fixes bug 290620. See Git commit 44482f8.
  • Prevent endless scrolling when dragging items. Fixes bug 295584. See Git commit 6bf5f88.
  • Details view: Allow to turn off expandable folders like in Dolphin 1.7. Fixes bug 289090. See Git commit e04cb14.
  • Allow custom ordering of columns from the Details view. Fixes bug 164696. See Git commit b62c74e.
  • Increase the timeout for keyboard searches (typing the first few letters of a file name) to 5 seconds. See Git commit 02eab49.

Dolphin forum at

When I recently read a blog post about KDE applications which have their own forum at, I wondered if Dolphin should get a forum as well. I had a quick look at the KDE forums and found out that there were quite a few Dolphin-related discussions in the ‘Other KDE software’ category already. This clearly shows that there is demand for a place where user discussions about Dolphin can take place. So here it is:

The new Dolphin forum

I would like to thank the forum admins for taking care of all the necessary steps 🙂

Some topics have been moved from ‘Other KDE software’ to the new forum, which is why it doesn’t look really new at first sight.

Please note that the forum should not be used for reporting bugs – these should still be reported at I’ve noticed that users do discuss bugs in forums sometimes, e.g., if someone is not sure about some unexpected behavior of an application and decides to ask other users to confirm the problem. I think there’s nothing wrong with that, but please make sure that a report is filed at if there is agreement that it is a bug and include step-by-step instructions that can be used to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

Dolphin bug fixes in KDE 4.8.1

First of all, hello Planet KDE!

Most readers of Planet KDE probably think that Dolphin development is done almost exclusively by a single person. I figured that starting my own blog might be a good way to change this. I’m involved mainly with bug triaging, bug fixing, and implementing unit tests to reduce the risk of regressions. Maybe some readers will find these topics interesting 🙂

I hope that my blog can make some potential new contributors realize that working on software quality is a very interesting and rewarding thing to do, and that any help in this area is welcome in every part of KDE (or any other free software project). I believe that there are many users who would like to contribute to the software they use, but don’t know a good place to start. Actually, I was in the same situation some time ago: I had used KDE for a couple of years before I got involved in a Bugsquad event in 2008. After that, I quickly started doing bug triage on my own and fixed more and more bugs myself.

You might wonder why Dolphin is the application I chose to work on. Well, there are several reasons: First of all, a file manager is an application that most people need. Knowing that a large number of users can benefit from any improvements I make is a big motivating factor for me. Moreover, the code is IMHO very nicely written, and the maintainer is always helpful and fun to work with.

Dolphin got a new view engine recently, which made working with the code even more pleasant than before. I would like to thank all users who tested it, provided feedback and reported bugs. This help is crucial for us because Dolphin can be used in so many different ways that it is impossible for a small group of developers to test everything. The most serious regressions could be fixed before the KDE 4.8.0 release thanks to the brave users who tested beta (or even self-compiled pre-beta) versions. Since then, even more users helped us to identify many more small annoyances, many of which will be gone in KDE 4.8.1. Here is a list of all Dolphin bugs that have been fixed since the KDE 4.8.0 release:

  • Do not make items invisible when switching previews on or off in some situations. Fixes bug 291841. See Git commit cc8f5b4.
  • Make sure that Control+click toggles the selection state. Fixes bug 292250. See Git commit 84a9cc4.
  • Check if the shell process in the Terminal Panel is still running before trying to kill it. Prevents unwanted killing of other processes. Fixes bug 286367. See Git commit 7dfe363.
  • Handle folder names containing special characters, like Space, correctly in the Folders Panel. Fixes bug 291781. See Git commit 80d9bfe.
  • Fix crash when opening a new tab if “Split view” is enabled by default. Fixes bug 292470. See Git commit 5d22b71.
  • Re-enable dropping items on tabs. Fixes bug 292505. See Git commit e3fc04a.
  • Mark items as unhovered after copying them via drag and drop. Fixes bug 292501. See Git commit bc80a99.
  • Respect the user’s “Natural sorting” setting. Fixes bug 292270. See Git commit 803f50b.
  • Fix possible crash in Compact View if the view height is smaller than the item height. Fixes bug 292816. See Git commit f5ecaee.
  • Fix drag and drop issues with non-local URLs. Fixes bugs 292821 and 292355. See Git commit fdc2058.
  • Synchronize view-mode settings before the settings dialog gets opened. Fixes bug 292698. See Git commit 02e3235.
  • Respect a change of the user’s “Home directory” setting also in existing tabs. Fixes bug 291043. See Git commit d03d06a.
  • Update the zoom-slider in the statusbar after changing the zoom-level in the settings. See Git commit 47b4e1d.
  • Implement “sort by path” and sorting by other sort roles that were still missing. Fixes bug 292941. See Git commit 86a4918.
  • Fix keyboard navigation issue that occurred when Home or End and then an arrow key were pressed. See Git commit 999234a.
  • Do not crash when opening a new tab while a tool tip is shown. Fixes bug 278302. See Git commit d80f35e.
  • Fix an integer overflow, which could cause problems when “Sort by size” is enabled. Fixes bug 293086. See Git commit e196f06.
  • Show expansion toggles in the Folders Panel also for directories on ISO images. Fixes bug 292642. See Git commit 6f65a17.
  • When hovering an item with the mouse, show its size in the status bar. Fixes bug 292687. See Git commit 73e4324.
  • Show the value “Unknown” for the item-count only after it has been verified. Fixes bug 291823. See Git commit d9bc83e.
  • When entering a directory which is not shown in the Folders Panel yet, show it by expanding its parents, but do not expand the directory itself. See Git commit 89082ca.
  • Use the whole available width of the icon area for previews of landscape images. Fixes bug 293268. See Git commit 0ade2b6.
  • Fix the issue that decreasing the window size may result in an endless loop. Fixes bug 293318. See Git commit 81034de.
  • Animation fixes: Don’t start animations that result in overlapped items. Fixes bug 289238. See Git commit 84bb46a.
  • Compact view: Don’t hide items at the bottom when grouping is turned on. Fixes bug 291640. See Git commit 44b8e12.
  • Drag and drop: Adjust the destination if the item is no directory or desktop-file. Fixes bug 293511. See Git commit 13d975a.
  • Details view: Draw parent-branches. Fixes bug 290276. See Git commit e505c3a.
  • Folders Panel: Use the whole width as selection region. Fixes bug 294111. See Git commit 98d98f7.
  • Prevent showing tooltips when dragging items into another Dolphin window. Fixes bug 294533. See Git commit 72fe031.
  • Don’t crash when switching to the details-view when specific roles are visible. Fixes bug 294531. See Git commit abd23c2.